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Please find here frequently asked questions & answers about our products. If you can't find the answer to your questions here please don't hesitate to speak to our friendly and professional 

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Q: How long will F2 ECO hull coating last?

A: We offer a 5 year warranty on our F2 ECO antifouling solution. However F2 ECO does not dissolve or wear out and in reality will last much longer!



Q: How long will F2 Opti Prop propeller protection last?

A: F2 Opti Prop is designed to be long lasting with at least a seasons use, when applied and maintained correctly.



Q: Where have you done testing, how do i know the products work?

A: F2 products have been through rigorous independent testing in the UK, Europe and North America for many years. We continue to regularly update our testing procedure with ongoing tests. We will never stop testing as we find it important to keep up to date data.



Q: Is F2 ECO fully eco-friendly?

A: Yes F2 ECO is 100% eco-friendly as it does not contain toxins, biocides, solvents, catalysts or VOC's. 



Q: How easy is it to apply F2 ECO hull protection?

A: It is very easy to apply our F2 ECO antifouling solution. Just two layers applied with a roller with no over coating time limits! 



Q: Is F2 ECO hull coating a watertight barrier, or will moisture penetrate over time?

A: Yes its 100% waterproof when the boat is in the water. Offering protection against osmosis and galvanic corrosion on aluminium & carbon hulls.



Q: Is F2 ECO antifouling?

A: No F2 ECO is a solution to the many problems of traditional antifouling. Strictly speaking antifouling by definition contains biocides, F2 ECO does not, but offers an even more powerful protection against marine fouling. 



Q: Why use F2 ECO over traditional antifouling products?

A: F2 ECO lasts longer, protects the environment, saves fuel, improves performance and saves money over the years. All this while being 100% eco-friendly! 



Q: Will F2 ECO flake or peel away, causing leaching into the water?

A: No not at all, as long as its applied properly. It will not leach or peel away unlike like other antifouling products which dissolve in the water. 



Q: Why should i use F2 Opti Prop propeller protection, do i really need to protect my propellers?

A: Yes as fouling on a propeller severely affects performance and fuel consumption leading to higher emissions and costs. F2 Opti Prop solves this problem without the use of toxic primers!



Q: Does F2 ECO hull protection work in both salt and freshwater?

A: Yes absolutely F2 ECO's solution to antifouling works in all waters. Also in inland waterways it will save the lakes and rivers and at sea it will not poison the marine environment. 



Q: Will F2 ECO hull protection help with osmosis?

A: Yes of course, it creates a waterproof skin that will stop water molecules penetrating the grp hull. On aluminium and carbon hulls it helps stop galvanic corrosion.



Q: I have never heard of F2 before, is this a new product?

A: Yes F2 technology is fairly new to the market, it is the most futuristic solution for marine fouling to date. However it has taken many years to develop this solution to the problems with antifouling.



Q: Are you saying traditional marine antifouling products are bad to use?

A: The problem with traditional marine antifouling products is that it needs regular application, unpleasant to apply, can dissolve in the water and damages marine life and ecosystems.   


Q: Will it cost me more to use F2 ECO over traditional marine antifouling products?

A: On average its around the price to apply some of the well known products, but it does not need reapplication making the cost much lower over the long term!



Q: If i pull my boat out the water for any reason, will i need to reapply F2 ECO hull protection?

A: No, the F2 on a hull is unaffected if the boat is in or out the water. Most antifouling products need the boat to remain in the water as they tend to dry up and crack when on hard standing, F2 is unaffected by this.



Q: Why do need to use any sort of antifouling solution on my boat?

A: Marine growth will adhere to any underwater surface to grow, breed and feed. Left unattended will grow to become unmanageable and can cause structural damage to the hull.



Q: Will F2 ECO hull protection make my boat any faster in the water?

A: Yes it creates a super slippy hull which has much less drag resulting in higher speed and better fuel economy.



Q: Can F2 Opti Prop only on propellers?

A: No it can be used on all forms of underwater metals including shafts, trim tabs, drives and yes of course propellers.



Q: Can i purchase F2 products from outside the UK?

A: Yes F2 is available globally, we are growing our network everyday. So please get in touch and we can help.



Q: Im interested in promoting F2 products in my region, is this possible?

A: Yes of course please get in contact and we can discuss how to become part of the F2 family!



Q: I work in boat servicing / maintenance, will F2 products make my job any easier?

A: F2 products will make your job much easier, safer and less mess to clean up. Please get in touch and we can explain how it works in more detail.



Q: I can see the colours listed on your F2 ECO antifouling solution, are they the only colours you can offer?

A: No we can offer any special colour or effect on special request. For example say a safety orange or an artic white?



Q: Can any surface that has F2 Opti Prop on be kept out of the water?

A: Yes as its completely unaffected in air or subject to sunlight.



Q: What is your return policy on F2 products?

A: Please refer to our terms and conditions page on the website where this is explained in more detail as its different depending on which products.



Q: Can i receive any extra support to help use the F2 products, as i've never used them before?

A: Absolutely, all F2 products contain detailed application instructions and we are available Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm to answer all questions.



Q: Do i need an underwater primer prior to applying F2 ECO hull protection?

A: Yes we recommend the application of our F2 underwater primer to seal old antifouling or to prepare the surface. However any quality underwater epoxy or vinyl primer may be used as an alternative, we just recommend our own as this is what we use.



Q: What different surface preparations could be required?

A: Surface preparation techniques are fully detailed in the application instructions. Any specific questions please get in touch and we will more than happy to help!



Q: Is there a shelf life for partners that may want to store the product?

A: Shelf life of the product in unopened tins is 12 months. Opened tins can not be stored and used again.



Q: Are all surface materials suitable for one top coat? Are there any instances where more than one coat could be needed?

A: No as the F2 antifouling solution systems are designed for a single coat application of the top coat on all materials. However if you feel the need for an additional top coat this will not affect the integrity of the product.



Q: Could different weathering affect when applying F2 products, for example temperature?

A: Yes when applying, the surface must be dry and at a temperature of above 5 degrees celsius. 


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