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"In our opinion, 'Be Like Water' Technology is the most significant development we have seen in the marine industry for the last 20 years"

Gunnar Solberg
Onda Norge, Norway

"I recently searched the internet for a boat antifouling product and came across Ocean Coatings. I noticed at the marina where myself and a good friend purchased our boat, many boats being anti-fouled. This apparently was a procedure carried out each year. I made contact with Keith at Ocean Coatings who explained at great lengths the development of a new product which is an antifoul. I was very interested to hear more so Keith went out of his way to meet me and show me the product, which comprises of an undercoat that has to be applied first and then the top coat, they then bond together. No harsh chemicals so no damage to marine life, it ticks all the boxes. Since obtaining the product and applying it to the boat the application by roller was easy and smooth. The colour is a very dark blue, and looks amazing. When I was doing the job I rang Keith on a few occasions and he was always there advising me and has been so helpful and a pleasure to deal with. Anyone using this product is in good hands. I really can’t give sufficient praise. Thank you."

Joe L
North East England, UK

"Ocean Coatings is a Company which has a strong customer focus and staff buy in to that value in their dealings with customers. The Company’s product offers the opportunity for boat owners to improve the protection now available for drive systems and associated gear. This year I have used it on the main propeller, the bow and stern thruster props, the main prop shaft and the trim tabs. I found the product instructions clear and easy to follow and the pack contains all that is necessary to complete the task in hand."

Iain L
Scotland, UK

"I thought I would let you know, even though it has only been a short time, that we pulled the trial boat out of the water to look at how the coating was holding up. The coating is on a mates fishing boat and has done approximately 50 hours underway already. I have to say that the coating looks as good as the day it was applied, it is in perfect condition with absolutely no wear. We will check it again in another 50 hours and see how it looks, but I am extremely excited by this product."

Peter L
Hampshire, UK

"Last season I used Prop-defender on my 6 year old Sealine SC 35’s duo props after seeing the product reviewed in Motorboat and Yachting. Previously, barnacle growth and other fouling after mere days, had been driving me mad. Compared to other products I have tried, the two simple extra steps were quickly and easily followed. The top coating looked great on the propellers and even felt nice to touch. Right from the start I can honestly say I was blown away with its effect on growth. There was slime build up but this just brushed off from the dock in seconds leaving the props good as new. After a fun late summer, just before lift out I noticed a couple of the prop blade tips had lost some of the coating after 4 months in the water. I reached out to Ocean Coatings for advice as to how to proceed to touch up the areas. To my utter amazement they responded immediately and sent me the kit to over coat the props. It is often the case you get what you are willing to pay for. This product is definitely worth the price and saved me time. I would recommend the product and their after sales’ service."

Peter T
Somerset, UK

"I purchased this boat in June 2012 , The boat was originally purchased brand new by the previous owner in June 2003 when it was copper coated and then re-copper coated in 2011 . I was advised by the previous owner that the boat and engine had been serviced annually during his ownership, I was also advised that it would be good for 24 knots at 3,500 rpm . Since I've owned the boat from June 2012 ,I have not experienced the engine revs accelerating to 3,500 rpm even though I have annually serviced and maintained the hull and kept the copper coating clean from buildup of growth and barnacles and so on . First of all, the hull was jet washed clean and the existing anti-foul system was removed to reveal a grey epoxy coating this was lightly rubbed down with 120 grit wet & dry then jet washed the hull again with clean water to remove any residual dust then left overnight to dry . I checked the weather forecast making sure it would be dry with very little wind present . After stirring thoroughly I applied the Adhesive coat with Mini mohair 4" rollers and a 4" roller tray, the Adhesive coat flowed effortlessly providing a nice even coating across the whole of the hull just one coat was required , I left the Adhesive coat to cure overnight. The following day I returned again after checking that the weather conditions were suitable for application of the Topcoat. After stirring the Topcoat thoroughly I applied the Topcoat with mini mohair 4" rollers and 4" roller tray. The topcoat is clear in colour with a sparkling effect, so when applying it over the adhesive coating you can clearly see where your coverage is as you progress. This Topcoat again flows effortlessly and is a pleasure to apply. Curing time again left overnight with a fantastic vibrant very smooth finish . The Boat has been back in the water for two weeks now and been to sea four times. I can see vast improvements in the boat's performance and maneuverability. I briefly accelerated to 3,500 rpm achieving 25 knots on each occasion very quickly with very little drag at all , also my fuel economy has vastly improved . The application of copper coated is apparently a minimum of four complete coats causing significant weight gain to the hull thus decreasing overall performance . The application of F2 is One coat of Adhesive and One coat of Top coat which significantly reduces the weight of application and totally enhances/increases the boats performance overall ."

Stuart Robinson
Amble, UK

"My name is Chris Ashley of Nanotech Marine, we were established in 2010 and are based in Southampton. We have many years of experience within the Marine Industry and are able to make independent and qualified advice on how to maintain your vessel to the highest standard. In 2021 we were asked by Ocean Coatings to independently monitor the performance of a new ‘antifouling’ F2 coating . The coatings were applied to test panels and were immersed in the waters of Hamble point, an area recognised with active growth of Marine Fouling. To date i.e. September 2023 we are continuing to monitor performance and the power of F2 video is a true record of our independent findings. In summary the F2 coating offers exceptional ‘antifouling’ protection over the long term with very little maintenance, in addition we observed that the coating performance improves over time. We can clearly see F2 Eco hull protection helps with the protection of the Marine Environment as it is VOC free, toxin free, solvent free and free from all biocides."

Chris Ashley
Nanotech Marine, UK

"My name is David Cook and I have been associated with yachting on the Clyde for over 30 years with many well known marques in the Yachting and Power Boating world. – all adding up to a vast experience of the main stream and vessel maintenance market. In 2021 we were asked by Ocean Coatings to independently monitor the performance of a new ‘antifouling’ F2 coating that they were developing. The coatings were applied to test panels and were immersed in the waters of RHU Marina and Largs Marina, areas with very active growth of Marine Fouling, mainly due to the waters being fed by the Gulf Stream. To date i.e. September 2023 we are continuing to monitor performance and the power of F2 Video is a true record of our independent findings. In summary the F2 coating offers exceptional ‘antifouling’ protection especially over the long term with very little maintenance. We understand F2 also protects the Marine Environment as it is inert and does not ‘leach’ whilst being biocide, toxin, solvent and VOC free. Our observations also noted the ease of removal of any fouling which did occur and that the coating performance improved over time whilst ‘curing’ in the waters, to the extent that some 6 months after immersion the coated surfaces were almost completely free of any form of fouling."

David Cook
Fairlie Scotland, UK

"Hi , I'm the owner of vessel 'Starburst' which was recently lifted out at Amble Marina in March 2024 .
For the purpose of inspecting F2 ECO Antifoul coating to see how it had performed over the past 12 months, which was applied to the hull March 2023. Keith and Robert from Ocean Coatings were present during this lifting and inspection process , well I mentioned to Keith the boat has sat on its mooring since September 2023 with very little movement other than tidal so to be honest I was not sure what to expect .
Well l can honestly say I was astonished as a result of the boat sat in it mooring for 6 months to find there well very thin film of slime and a few small crustaceans on the surface to the F2 ECO , I applied clean soapy water to the coating with a soft brush which removed slime film and small crustaceans in about 10 minutes what a  fantastic result and very little effort .

The F2 ECO coating has proven to be very durable with no damage or scuffs and stood up to wear and tear effectively.
The initial application of the F2 ECO Coating is very easy and also cost effective as it only requires one adhesion and one top coat . It has many environmentally friendly aspects to mention but a few , free from biocides , toxins and solvents , increased fuel economy , increase performance, reduction in drag .  I chose the colour option of magic blue over a black adhesion coat, when it dries, you're finished with a lovely dark sparkly blue finish. It's fantastic and still is after being in the water for 12 months . The Propeller was also treated 12 months ago with Prop Defender again provided by Keith.  The propeller was as clean as a whistle but I would like to add I do run the engine under load every week for 20 minutes just to keep the engine and gearbox lubricated and the batteries maintained. 

I wish to add that both F2 ECO and Prop Defender are fantastic products and I can't rate them enough and I wouldn't hesitate to use them both again they are a game changer. Keith has been so very helpful and a really pleasant professional person to deal with. I can't praise him enough. Thanks SR" 

Stuart Robinson
Amble, UK

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